Open Seat
R L Barnett
Kirk CLine
Barker Edwards
Robert Lozier
Chip McFalls
Stephen Brown

Ron Lawrence - Pres.
Richard Owens - V-Pres.
Clare Owens

Carolinas Chapter
of the
Antique Wireless Association

Board of Directors & Officers
The CC-AWA Board of Directors (BoD) are elected by the membership. Elections are held in the fall of odd number years. They serve 2 year terms.
The BoD then appoints the officers in January of the following year. The officers also serve 2 year terms. The BoD and the Officers then make up the Executive Committee
which is responsible for the operation of the club.

Updated December 2008
When the BoD elections were held in the fall of 2007 and we were unable to get enough nominations to fill the open seats it became painfully clear that the general membership is not really interested in the operation of the club.
We have decided to forgo having Board of Director elections every two years. The current Board of Directors and the current officers will hold their seats until one of them wishes to step down, or they need to be replaced for some other reason. At that point the remaining members of the Executive Committee will seek out a replacement from the Dues paying members.
This will save to cost of printing and mailing needed to hold a Nomination and Election
and the time and effort it takes to hold the election.
Bios of Board of Directors members
in their own words

R.L. Barnett, Stanley, NC
Age is 60, My wife and I just celebrated our 40th year together.
Have been working in machine shops for 42 years.
I mostly collect battery sets from the 20's and my main area of interest
has gradually become free standing  cone speakers of the 20's.
Past CC-AWA Vise-President.

Barker Edwards, Clayton, NC

Profession: I am an Electrical Engineer. I worked for Carolina Power & Light Company for 36 years before I retired recently. For first 28 years I worked in their substation maintenance department providing support to the maintenance crews on the CP&L system, and the last 8 years I was the engineer over their transformer & major power equipment repair shop. After retiring from CP&L, I recently went to work for Southeastern Transformer Company in Dunn, NC as their Field Service Manager. I am setting up a maintenance group for maintaining substation equipment for our customers.

Areas of interest in old radios: My interest is in the early years of radio up through the early thirties. I collect mainly battery sets, but I also like the early AC sets. My first set was an Atwater Kent Model 55 that I found in the basement of my father's drug store. 
I started collecting old radios when I was in the 8th grade. I also like antique cars and steam engines. The old cars that my wife and I own date from 1911 to 1934. Also a friend of mine and I own a 1922 steam tractor.

Stephen C. Brown, Age 44, married with 4 kids.
I am a geologist with Engineering Consulting Services, Ltd., in Charlotte, North Carolina.
I am one of the very rare antique Radio collectors who have no electronics background.
I grew up with a father who collected and restored antique cars.  I share my father's love of antiques.  Dad started buying a few 1930s consoles in the late 1980s.  We were in an antique shop in Micanopy, Florida in 1989 when I found a copy of Greenwood's "Vintage Radios".  I saw a Radiola III-A with the exposed tubes and knew there was no way to ever find one of these odd things out of Frankenstein's laboratory.  I have been hooked on early 1920s and pre-broadcast radio ever since.